Mark Greene

Political Reform

Mark, who ran for the same seat in 2000, is refusing special interest PAC contributions, and promises to focus on reforming the political system, which he describes as “hopelessly broken.” In addition to reversing the destructive effects of Citizens United, he also cites the hyper-partisanship in Washington, and particularly partisan gerrymandering, as key targets of his political reform efforts. “We have deadly serious issues facing our country, and both major parties are more focused on protecting their seats and enhancing their power than actually dealing with the people’s business.”

Water Security

There is no single commodity more essential to human life than water, and we are rapidly running out of sufficient supplies – particularly in north Texas, but in many other regions of the country as well. The combination of population growth, global warming, and wasteful practices in numerous industries is threatening the most critical resource there is, and Mark is committed to reversing this trend by promoting strong federal policies to increase water supply and promote water conservation.

Energy Security

Despite decades of lip service by career politicians and bureaucrats, America is no nearer to having a comprehensive national energy policy than it was fifty years ago, and our modern economy relies almost entirely on adequate supplies of affordable energy at the point of need. Mark is committed to ensuring that a comprehensive energy policy is adopted which promotes responsible development of environmentally sustainable energy sources for power generation and transportation, research and development of innovative energy storage and high-efficiency transmission technologies, distributed power generation, and an ever increasing emphasis on conservation and efficiency.


There is no single factor more critical to America’s long-term viability as a leading nation than the education of our young people, and America’s education system falls further and further behind those of other industrialized nations each passing year. Mark is committed to strengthening our public education system by championing high-quality universal pre-K, promoting policies which will entice our brightest young people into the education field, enhancing the quality of teachers already in the classroom, making college more affordable for working class families, and promoting high-quality post-secondary training which prepares tomorrow’s workforce for tomorrow’s economy.

Health Care

The hyper-partisanship of the debate over health care reform has obscured the stark reality that should be driving the conversation – namely that America spends more than twice as much money as the next leading nation for healthcare, for which we receive less than mediocre results and still leave tens of millions of our citizens without ready access. Mark will work to preserve the positive aspects of the PPACA – enhanced coverage, no lifetime limits, comprehensive preventive care, non-exclusion/recision, uniform electronic records, and so much more, while seeking to bring every American adequate protection and reduce the burden on America’s employers – particularly small businesses.

Additional Issues

  • Ensuring equal treatment under the law for all Americans
  • Ensuring that America’s veterans receive the services they’ve earned for themselves and their families through their selfless service and sacrifice. 
  • Protecting women’s privacy rights and full unfettered access to comprehensive healthcare 
  • Addressing the challenges of America’s aging population 
  • Promoting strong initiatives in environmental protection 
  • Establishing responsible policies on border security and immigration 
  • Restoring accountability in America’s financial system 
  • Simplifying the tax code 
  • Protecting and expanding voting rights


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