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You Deserve Better

Mark Greene speaking

Mark Greene is the Democratic Party’s centrist nominee for the Texas 12th District Congressional seat.

He's focused on political reform, restoring the voice of the hard-working women and men of the district, and promoting responsible, effective and efficient government at the federal level. A native Texan and lifelong DFW resident, Mark is an independent small businessman who's worked in fields focused on construction, development and renewable energy.

For almost 18 years, the 12th District has been occupied by Kay Granger, who has steadily climbed the ladder of her party by never questioning her party's leadership. During her time in Washington, she has authored exactly two bills that have become law: one naming a post office and the other establishing a monument which bought her some face time with George Clooney.

It's time for concrete solutions, not partisan gamesmanship; a viable national energy plan and clean water policy, comprehensive immigration reform, and above all, an economy that creates well-paying jobs for every able-bodied American, with access to top-quality education and career opportunity for all.

Mark knows you deserve better than what you’re getting out of Kay Granger and out of Washington, and he's running to make sure you get it!

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